GTBA offers a wide range of services in multidisciplinary engineering practices, such as:

Project Planning

In GTBA we assist our clients in order to make critical decisions defining the objectives and the needs of their proposed projects. Our strategy to each assignment is collaborative, comprehensive, environmentally sensitive, cost-effective and innovative.

We have experience developing comprehensive plans including land use, transportation, economic development, utilities, historic preservation, housing, organization and agency structures, and community services.

Our planning services include:

Architectural design

GTBA’s experienced engineers work alongside with our team of licensed architects to accomplish our client's unique technical and esthetical requirements.  We offer all necessary services to develop a successful project, from planning phase through construction until it is completed.

Architectural design services include:

Engineering Design

Our staff of professional engineers keep a direct communication with the projects owner to create designs that complies with both, cost and functionality while maintain the highest quality work standard.

Engineering design services include:


GTBA offers construction management and inspection services that are adapted to the size and difficulty of any given project.

Our objectives are to control the scope of the project applying efficient project scheduling from preliminary phases. By this, we seek to optimize the design and construction processes to avoid any delays or last minute changes providing quality designs and flexibility in contracting and procurement.

The construction management staff continuously assists clients following sustainable development principles to combine cost effectiveness, usefulness of structures, its appearance, maintenance and safety.

Our areas of expertise include:

Permitting and Endorsements

Our experience and practical process has been a proven tool for successful projects. We offer services to obtain all the permits and endorsements related to the construction industry, including all kind of environmental permits and studies.

The tactical direct follow-up to the agencies performed by weekly visits it’s our key tool to maintain constant communication and facilitate the permitting process.

Land Surveying

GTBA is comprised of professionally registered land surveyors that are experienced in all aspects of field and office surveying.

Land Surveying Services include:

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Services provided: Design, Supervision, Inspection

Museo del Cemí
Services provided: Design, Supervision, Inspection

Plaza Artesanal
Services provided: Design, Supervision, Inspection

Centro Comercial Plaza Santa Isabel
Services provided: Design, Supervision, Inspection

Urbanización Prados de Salinas
Services provided: Design, Supervision

Urbanización Prados del Sonador
Services provided: Design, Supervision

Centro de Ayuda y Terapia Física
para Niños con Impedimentos
Services provided: Design

Edificio de Usos Multiples
Services provided: Inspection